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Knyghtfall Mods
01 September 2007 @ 11:32 am
For anyone who's new to role playing, and the general ettiquette involved, here are a few brief (oh so very brief) tips! Any questions, or areas you're not sure of please feel free to post a question about it, it could get added to the list! These are just a few to get things rolling.

1. Mun vs Pup Knowledge

Probably one of the most confused issues in RPing. And the most challenging to keep up-to-date! It's drawing that line between what you, the mun/writer knows, and what the character/pup knows.

The basics are that when you're posting the pup's post, with the pup's journal, it can only be what the pup knows, thinks, sees, feels or perceives. Even if you know stuff about the other pup, it's history, it's circumstances, for whatever reason, your pup/their post cannot reflect that.

For example - if another pup thinks something, ie, posts thoughts, or expands on a reaction, or has a memory of something that adds weight to why they've acted/reacted/spoken in a certain way, your pup doesn't and can't know it, unless of course they do know it, or they're telepathic and you have already asked the other player if it's OK. A post by your pup is a post by that pup, not by you the writer. It leads on to...

2. IC vs OOC

IC = in character, and OOC = out of character.

This covers a gamut of things actually. The main ones are:

- using the pup's journal means you are posting as that pup. If you have a mun journal then use it to post mun stuff, or if you can't/don't have one then get yourself an OOC icon and label a post as OOC.

- if in a thread, and there's something you want to make note of quickly, immediately, the use the [small] text function, marking it OOC, at the end of a post, or post a seperate post in the thread that can be deleted later. Sometimes it's the quickest and surest way to get a message to the other player as it will come up in their notifs, and if it's in a seperate post it can then be 'tidied' by being deleted.

3. RP threads

The crux of what an RP comm is all about is the ... RPing! This can be done in a number of ways. Usually in these types of journal comms they're done in threads. These can be either

a) One-on-one, and locked only to those pups.

b) Multi-pup, and locked only to those pups (hint - sort out how you decide the posting order at the beginning. Sometimes it works that it is turn around in specific order, other times a pup will tag the next pup to post by either directing the post to them, or a small indication at the end of the post - if you're in a multi-player thread and are not going to be available it is great to let the other players know and maybe remove your pup from the environment either by them receiving a phone call, or needing to go to the bathroom, or just saying they're sitting back to observe a conversation etc, so the thread can continue if possible!)

c) Open, and inviting anyone to join in.

d) Stand-alone private and closed/locked from all pup knowledge, for player/mun knowledge only and not to be referred to by other pups.

e) Stand-alone but possibly open to other pups' knowledge if it was appropriate (for example dropping a tray of food in the middle of the canteen, would go round in the grapevine for sure! LOL)

There are tags in the game comm to indicate the state of a thread too, whether it's still in play, or completed, or open, or closed etc. Use them to let others know!

4. Communication and contact - common courtesy

Everyone has different lives and levels of committment to RPing. Some are able to get in a few tags each day, some can commit to spending a solid block of time to rassle out a thread in one sitting, and others can only manage to check in every few days. What's needed is a bit of C&C - communication and contact.

Different characters can have various threads running simultaneously and the outcome of one might affect the direction of another. If you find you're unable to tag for whatever reason (time, pup gone AWOL, other committments) the courteous thing to do is let the other player know. Email, IM, even an OOC tag on the thread giving them a headsup is simply good manners. Threads, and the results of them can be nutted out quickly if need be, and players are then freed up to move their characters forward rather than left hanging wondering what's going to happen. So please, see the 'C's and keep smiling!
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